We will guarantee better conditions for the mining sector

During the closing of the third edition of the National Congress of Mining, in Cartagena, the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, assured that he will continue the work articulated with the sector so that there are better conditions for the guild.

«We are going to continue working with the sector to guarantee the best conditions so that they can operate with tranquility, that they can continue to grow, generating employment and attracting investment,» said Santos.

The president stressed that legal mining well done, licensed, socially responsible and environmentally responsible, for which he has worked since the beginning of the Government, has all its support and is «a great ally of Colombia’s progress.»

Santos stressed that despite the difficulties that have generated concerns in the industry, last year 90.5 million coal was produced in Colombia, which is a milestone for the country and the sector.

Previously, the president of the Colombian Mining Association (ACM), Santiago Ángel, pointed out that they were not wrong to point out that the most important challenge of the agenda was how they could work with the territories and with the National Government to achieve a forward-looking mining.

«During these days we have advanced in these discussions and I have no doubt that we are close to achieving a great national agreement for well-made mining,» said Angel.

The manager said that a successful public policy will allow the mining industry to remain an economic engine for Colombia and its regions via production chains.

«We are going with a hopeful mining sector in which we can be a motor of development of Colombia and to be able to mark our economy and make our public policy of the hand of our mayors and governors who will be the best allies for the mining of tomorrow and, Postconflict, «Angel emphasized.


Source: La República Newspaper May 12, 2017