Colombia: Only 48% of the citizens of mining municipalities say they know of any mining company.

The Mining Compass 2017 carried out by the National Consultancy Center and Jaime Arteaga y Asociados, shows that communication in the mining sector is still deficient.

According to this study, the inhabitants of mining districts obtain information on mining through television (54%), the internet (37%) and the written press (33%), however, only 8% say they receive information Directly from mining companies.

The lack of direct communication of the companies with their neighboring communities, has generated a lack of knowledge that does not improve over time. In all measurements of the Compass Mining, less than 50% of the citizens of mining municipalities says they know of any mining company.

This lack of knowledge and the lack of an effective relationship have caused the negative image to hit companies much harder. While 63% of the inhabitants of mining districts and 60% of NO miners consider mining to be positive for the country, only 36% of mining inhabitants and 28% of the rest of the country have a positive image of mining. Mining companies and this trend is coming down over time.

In spite of the context, the mining companies keep their timidity in the communications, according to the managers of the sector, thinking in the last year, the item of communications in their companies did not represent a significant increase. Only 32% believe that it increased, 24% that decreased and 44% said that it remained the same.

Finally, the Government Authorities confirm this deficiency, only 28% of the officials are satisfied with the communication between the government and the mining companies.

The results of the study will be presented at the National Mining Congress of the Colombian Mining Association, to be held this May 11 and 12.


Source: Compass Mining